About Us


We are the Aegeans...

We love the Aegean, the Northern Aegean in particular; its weather, nature, people, markets, history.
We love everything  about it.

We said to ourselves, “If we are to produce, we should be where the product is” and we founded our company in where the Aegean starts: Ayvalık.
Because we think that this region has a unique taste of olive and olive oil with their aromatic essence and excellence due to abundance of oxygen,
breeze of the Kaz mountains and fertility of volcanic soil.

We produce things obtained from olive trees like olive, olive oil, soap and daily-use tools, and we would like to share these with you.

We bear the geographic sign that says our product is local. Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce entitles certain firms which they believe meet the standards
the right to use this special hologram logo after carrying out inspections and tastings. (
www.ayvalikto.org.tr) You will see this tag on every Miranda product
you are going to buy.

With our production certificates, our filling plants where we place great importance in hygiene, and especially with our product; we try to be deserving
of this geography and its “sign.”

Come and visit us: let us show you where and how we make our products.  You will see that our invitation is not all about a journey for the taste buds.

Because we believe that a culture of fine food and taste cannot exist without paying its respect to production and soil.

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